The Centre has hosted two Winter Institutes for the orientation and training of university teachers to Women’s Studies in Social Sciences. While the first of these was restricted to the university teachers of Maharashtra and Gujarat, the second was at a national level. The faculty have also accepted assignments as guest lecturers at various other training programmes and refresher courses organised by other universities. Some of the training programmes and refresher courses specially organized by the centre have been listed below :

1998-2003. RCWS has conducted 6 Refresher Courses as a part of the UGC mandate

March 2000. An orientation course for SNDT College/University teachers was organised under the SNDT CAmpus Diversity Programme.

1-4 July, 1998. A workshop in collaboration with Shri M. D. Shah Mahila College of Mumbai entitled "Women in Changing India" was organised to acquaint the SNDT College and University teachers teaching the Foundation Course of the same name with basic concepts, teaching practices and evaluation techniques used in Women's Studies.

5-30 May 1992. A three-week orientation programme was organized for the faculty members of SNDT conducted and affiliated colleges on pedagogy of Women’s Studies as well as the contents of the Foundation Course “ Women in Changing India”.

29 January 1990. A women’s theatre festival was organized for the staff and students of SNDT Women’s University.

18-20 March1989. RCWS participated in a poster exhibition entitled “Sadak Chap Mela” organized by the voluntary agencies to raise awareness on the plight of street children.

13 March 1989. A poster exhibition on the theme “ Women in the Commonwealth” was organized.

13-16 February 1989. A health awareness programme sponsored by the Sri Narsee Monjee Education Trust was jointly organized by the All India Women’s Conference, Bombay Branch and the RCWS.

11 February 1989. RCWS organized a “natya jatra” programme by the Navnirman Sanskritik Manch to raise awareness among the staff and students of SNDT.

28-30 December 1988. The Twenty-third Annual Conference of Indian Universities Association for Continuing Education, entitled “Empowerment of Women-Multi-disciplinary Perspective” was organized in collaboration with SNDT Women’s University.

4-19 April 1988. A two-week workshop on “Evolving New Methodologies in Research in Women’s Studies”.

21-23 January 1987. “The Seventh Regional Workshop on Women’s Studies” sponsored by the ICSSR in collaboration with the Research Centre was held at the ICSSR Regional Centre.

12-13 January 1987. “Second UGC Winter Institute for Orientation and Training Teachers in Women’s Studies in Social Sciences.

1986. A film entitled “Samadhan” focusing on the misuse of sex-determination tests, followed by discussion was organized for college students.

16-17 April 1985. A workshop on the strategies and techniques of undertaking participatory research with rural women.

October 1984. A four-day workshop to provide key teacher trainers in Western India an exposure to Women’s Studies, was organized in collaboration with the NCERT

9-10 August 1984. “The Concept Series”
28 Nov.-17 Dec 1983.“UGC Winter Institute on Women’s Studies in the Social Sciences”.

15-17 July 1982. An in-house orientation programme for the new staff of the Research Unit.