Preparation of Teaching Material

The main problem of introducing Women’s Studies courses has been the absence of easily accessible teaching material. Since Women’s Studies is a young discipline, its data is still in the form of unpublished research reports, documents, monographs, newspaper clippings, journal articles not easily available to students. To overcome this inherent limitation of introducing a newly developing discipline in the university system, the Centre undertook the responsibility of collating Women’s Studies research material and theoretical expositions into easily available low-priced publications. Two of the very comprehensive publications of the Centre widely used as textbooks are Women and Society and Women’s Studies in India: Some Perspectives. A series of monographs entitled Contributions to Women’s Studies aims at bringing to the students low-priced theoretical works in Women’s Studies, while the  “Reading Series” of the Centre is designed as teaching aids to be used by the teachers to initiate discussion in the classrooms. In recent years two more series have been initiated in order to indicate the theoretical sophistication and the evolving complexities within the discipline. These include the “The Gender Series”, which is specifically geared towards underscoring the gender dimensions within various branches of social sciences and the “Women of the World Series” which seeks to capture the commonalties and the specificities of women’s experiences in the various regions of the world.Audio-visual materials like slides, filmstrips, audio and video tapes have been prepared and are lent on request to various individuals and groups to facilitate learning experience and group discussions.