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Certificate course in Women's Studies 

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Objectives of the Course:

To enable the students to develop abroad overview of the evolution of contemporary feminism and the movement towards greater empowerment. The student will be expected to develop critical awareness of the conceptual and methodological issues in feminist theory. The course will equip the student with special insights, sensitivities, and a critical attitude towards understanding the challenges for growth and change in the situation of women in India.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Since women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary subject, the course is open to graduates in any discipline of a recognised university. The major emphasis in teaching will be on the social sciences. Working women are encouraged to attend the course.

Duration of the course: One year (two semesters) 

Time Frame:

Semester I :1 July - 31 October 2013 

Semester II : November - 28 April 2014  

Total number of papers: Four (two papes and two oral prsentation) Basic papers in the curriculum

Semester I 

Paper I: Feminist Theory  

Paper II: Status of women in Contemporary India 

Semester II 

Paper III: Feminist Research Methodology  

Paper IV: Women and Development 

Note : A detailed description of the matter to be covered under these papers is given at the back of the brochure.

Special features: 

  1. Students who are unable to complete two semesters of course work within a year will be granted permission under special circumstances to do so within a maximum period of two years. 

  2. Students not wanting to enroll for the certificate course, may opt for just one paper if they so wish, according to their area of interest. 

  3. Students from other departments will be offered credits for taking RCWS papers.  

  4. These courses will count towards the Masters and Ph.D courses proposed by RCWS

Class Schedule  

Time allotted for each paper : 15 weeks 

Minimum hours of library work : 21 hours 

Number of teaching hours : 24 hours 

(including contact with the students)

Classes will be conducted on Fridays every week between 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and there will be one class session of two hours each per paper, including lecture and discussion. Students can use the library facilities during the week, and they may borrow books for home reading.

There will be twelve weeks of the classes for each paper, followed by a three week interval for writing the term paper.

Requirements of the Students

Minimum attendance : 75 per cent 

Active participation 

Required reading and an oral class presentation 

A written term paper


The students will be evaluated on the basis of an oral class presentation and written term paper, and the pattern of grades will be as follows:


Admission fee (per paper) 20
Tuition fees (per paper) 3200
Refundable library deposit 250

Course Contents  

Feminist Theory: Overview of the modern women's movement; the evolution of Women's Studies; major concepts and issues in Marxist-feminist theory; socialist-feminist theory; postmodern feminist theory; psychoanalytic feminism; existential feminism; eco-feminism. 

Status of Women in Contemporary India : Contemporary women's movement in India, and a brief comparative historical perspective; various indicators of women's status; perspectives and issues related to the areas of work, poverty, education, health, law politics, media and environment; cultural ideology and sex roles stereotypes; women and sexuality; violence against women.

Feminist Research Methodology : Gender-sensitive methodology; research as a tool for change, and policy-relevant research, macro-level research, and the issue of invisibility of women in conventional data systems; quantitative vs. qualitative research; participatory research methodologies; oral history, the life story genre, and the use of narratives, case studies and participant observation.

Women and Development: Transition of societies from the pre colonial phase to the modern era; Modernization and development theories; Feminist theories and development; Globalization and its implication for women. 

Please contact us for information regarding course dates, class schedules, evaluation, etc.


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