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Master of Arts in Women’s Studies


Located in the SNDT Women's University, the Research Centre for Women's Studies is the oldest and largest Women's Studies centre in the Indian university system. RCWS was founded in 1974, a year before the International Women's Year. It is now recognized by the UGC as one of the leading Women's Studies Centres in the country, and its entrusted with the task of providing guidance and direction to Women's Studies programmes all over India.  

In accordance with this directive, the RCWS launched the Postgraduate Certificate Course in Women's Studies in 1997. We have had students from varied backgrounds : teachers, lawyers, activists, housewives and students, whose active participation has contributed significantly to the success of the course. In the year 2011, RCWS started its Ph.D programme. In the academic year starting 2012-13, the RCWS is happy to announce the M.A. course in Women's Studies.  

M.A. in Women's Studies

Objectives of the M.A. Course 

The course aims to develop critical consciousness of the intersections between ideas and material realities. Apart from providing a broad liberal arts education, this course invites each student to explore and question the prevailing socio-eco-political realities. The course will develop in students those skills required to work in development agencies, NGO sector, academia and media.  

Eligibility Criteria

Since Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary subject, the course is open to graduates in any discipline of a recognized university.  

Duration of the Course : 2 years (Four semesters)

Total Number of Papers : 18 (80 Credits)

Core Modules :

Special Features

The courses of fered have both theoretical and practical components.

The courses are modular, credit based and inter-disciplinary in nature.

The degree is awarded on submitting a mandatory dissertation and a report of the one-month Internship programme in the 4th Semester.

Class Schedule :Time allotted for each paper: 120 hours

Requirements of the Students :Minimum attendance: 75 per cent active class participation

Evaluation : Internal assessment of 50 marks will be based on book reviews, seminar presentations and projects.

External assessment will be based on written examination of 50 marks in each module.

Fee Structure : Revised fee structure approved by the University will be put up shortly

M.A. Part I & M.A. Part II (2019-2020)

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