The following books are available at the RCWS library for reference

Desai, Neera

A select bibliography on women in India 1976, pp. 131.
As a first comprehensive bibliography on women, it tries to cover almost all the published and unpublished works till March 1975 and is of particular value as a reference source.A special feature is the inclusion of primary material like unpublished theses.

New Delhi: Allied Publishers


Mehta, Jaya and Barot, Anita

Gujarati translation of the synopsis of the Report of the Committee on the  Status of Women 1978, pp. 152. Based on the summary report of the Committee on the Status of Women, submitted to the government in 1974, the Centre has brought out this Gujarati translation as part of its effort to reach the wider non-English audience.

Bombay: RCWS


Malshe, S.G. and Apte, Nanda

The Widow Remarriage Movement: 1800-1900 (in Marathi) 1978, pp. 202.
This book examines widow remarriage and its impact in Maharashtra. Seen against the reviving interest on the impact of social reform movement of the 19th century, the book helps to uncover the historical links with the new debate on women’s status.

Bombay: SNDT Women’s University.


Mazumdar, Vina

Symbols of power 1979, pp. 373.
This collection of research studies on the political status of women in India shatters some of the myths regarding the status of women in Indian society and demonstrates how gender injustice remains, despite Constitutionalguarantees of women’s equality.

New Delhi: Allied Publishers


Krishnaraj, Maithreyi

Approaches to self reliance for women: Some urban models 1980, pp. 50.
This brief monograph examines some voluntary groups’ economic schemes for women and stresses the need for a careful analysis from a larger perspective if the schemes are not to result in a permanent trap for women.

Bombay: Popular Prakashan


Chitnis, Suma

A review of the progress made in India towards the achievement of the  objectives of the United Nations’ Decade for Women 1980, pp. 93.
This is a collaborative study of the Research Centre for Women’sStudies, SNDT University and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, that evaluates and provides statistics on the advancement or regression of women in diverse fields - education, health, employment, politics etc., during the first half of the International Women’s Decade.

Bangkok: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific


Savara, Mira and Pandey, Divya

Food processing in India: A collection of articles on recent developments and issues 1990, pp. 55. 
This dossier was designed as a part of the workshop on “Women and Food Processing in India”.It contains articles and paper clippings addressing a whole lot of issues in the area of food processing.

Bombay: RCWS


Sanjanwala, Jyotsna (Comp.)

Women’s studies in Indian universities: 1984-89.
A directory of UGC  supported centres/cells 1990, pp. 218. Information is provided on each centre’s activities, focus and personnel.

Bombay: RCWS


Patwa, Subhadra

Directory of women’s organisations (enlarged and updated) 1990, pp. 182.
An enlarged and updated version of the directory brought out in 1985, the present volume offers detailed information on women’s organizations in India and abroad. These organizations are characteristically for women, have special programmes  for women, fund women’s activities, are government aided or sponsored bodies, or belong to charitable institutions.

Bombay: RCWS