Research reports for reference only

Vaid, Sudesh and Sangari, Kumkum (eds.)

Women and Culture 1994. Pp. 204 (Reprint)
In a bid to examine the inter-relationship between social movements which have sought to change the image and role of women and the existing cultural forms which adapted themselves to the governing social values, the authors cover the whole historical period, from ancient to contemporary India.

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Women in decision-making: need for network: A workshop report 1991, pp. 69.
This report reflects the proceedings of the workshop where the ways of networking of women’s organizations were discussed. Environment and political participation were taken up as issues which networking could be achieved.

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Baxamusa, Ramala M. and Miranda, Jillian

Shelter for women in Bombay 1990, pp. 35.
This study assesses the demand for working women’s hostels in Bombay. It is also a  directory of all places of shelter for women in Bombay.

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Patwa, Subhadra

Role of women in diamond trade and industry 1990, pp. 234.
The study was sponsored by IDBI to find out the scope and employment opportunities for women in this export industry. It also gives the socio-economic profile of the workforce involved in trading and manufacturing activities.

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Planning women’s studies in Indian in Indian universities 1989, pp. 73.
A report of the workshop of UGC supported Women’s Studies Centres and Cells, 23-24 October, 1989.

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Prakash, Padma

Women and Sports 1987, pp. 115.
This provides an overview of the sociology of sports and various theories about the  social, psychological and political role of sports in society. It also discusses the myths and other constraints which have kept women’s participation in sports to the minimum.

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Deshpande, Aruna

Women and menstrual cycle (in Marathi) 1986, pp. 124.
Other than medical textbooks, there is no literature available in Marathi regarding the female experience of menstruation. This report makes use of non-technical words and simple diagrams in an attempt to clear misconceptions about the natural function.

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Joshi, Ila

The women on stage and backstage 1986, pp. 51.
A report of the study of women stage actors in Gujarati plays examining a number of as the portrayal of female characters, the self perception of the female personnel, their social background and working conditions.

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Lakdawala, U. T. and Shah, B.C.
Comparative study of the post-SSC educational and vocational aspirations  and careers of the male and female students in the merit list at the SSC examination (Pune Division 1975-78) 1986, pp. 64.
What happens to girl students who make it to the merit list in the school final examination? The impact of socio-economic and cultural factors that influence the educational and vocational aspirations and careers of male and female merit list students are examined here.

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Manohar, Mukta

Image of women in professional Marathi theatre: post - 1975 (in Marathi) 1986, pp. 126.
Viewed from the ‘left’ is an evaluation of Marathi plays after 1975 - a crucial year for women - in the professional theatre.

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Mehta, Madhavi and Krishnaraj, Maithreyi

Survey of non-working women post-graduate science degree holders in Bombay 1981, pp. 116.
This is a follow-up of M.Sc. and Ph.D. women science students of the University of Bombay from 1970-71 to 1976-77 to find out how many were employed, the  reasons for their unemployment and their perceptions regarding the value of science education.

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