Contribution to Women's Studies Series

Sanjanwala, Jyotsna (comp.)

Contribution to Women Studies Series: 1. 
Building a Curriculum .1988, pp. 447.
Completed on the basis of syllabi of Indian and Western 
universities for courses and formulated models involving 
women’s studies at various levels of disciplines.
Bombay: RCWS (Rs.20.00 $3.00)

Krishnaraj, Maithreyi, 

assisted by Lalwani Usha and Sanjanwala, Jyotsna
Contribution to Women Studies Series: 2. 
Getting Started - A Teacher’s Manual. 1988, pp. 87
Based on the lectures, activities and findings of the UGC 
Winter Institute Orientation of Teacher Training in 
Social Sciences held in 1987.
Bombay: RCWS (Rs.20.00 $ 3.00)

Krishnaraj Maithreyi (ed.) assisted by Deshmukh, Joy

Contribution to Women Studies Series: 3.
Evolving New Methodologies in Research on Women 
Studies 1988, pp. 82.
Reflects the proceedings of the workshop on research 
methodology in women studies held in April, 1988.
Bombay: RCWS (Rs.20.00 $ 3.00)

Other Books

Balasubrahmanyan, Vimal
In Search of Justice. 1988, pp. 285
This book lists progressive judgments delivered between 
1979 and 1983 by courts in India in cases relating to 
subjects of concern to women, and discusses the 
responses of the media and the public to these cases 
and judgments. 
Pune: Shubhada Saraswat Prakashan (Rs. 75.00) 

Desai, Neera (ed.)

A Decade of Women’s Movement in India. 1988, pp.222.
This volume is a live record of the efforts made by women 
all over India to raise consciousness and organize 
themselves in their struggle against subordination.
Bombay: Himalaya Publishing House (Rs. 225.00) 

Krishnara, Maithreyi

Women and Development: The Indian Experience. 
1988, pp. 144
An attempt to view the issue of equality and justice for 
women within the context of development models and the 
development process. The book is concerned with the 
outcome of interaction between new development forces 
and the forms of subordination already existing in society. 
Pune: Shuhada Saraswat Publication (Rs. 30.00)

Desai, Neera and Krishnaran, Maithreyi

Women and Society in India. 1987, pp. 403.
This book seeks to fill the need for a base textbook for 
undergraduate students as well as for women’s studies in 
general by presenting a comprehensive study of women
 and society in Idia from a feminist perspective. 
New Delhi: Ajanta Publications (Rs. 300.00) 

Krishnaraj, Maithreyi 

Women’s Studies in India: Some Perspectives. 1986, pp. 231.
A discussion on knowledge generation in women’s studies 
and new approaches to the teaching of women’s studies at 
the university level. 
Bombay: Popular Prakashan (Rs. 150.00) 

Krishnaraj, Maithreyi

Report of the UGC Winter Institute for Orientation and Training 
of Teacher in Women’s Studies. 1986, pp. 66.
The report covers the proceedings of the first workshop on 
the orientation and training of teachers to women’s studies 
held in 1983. It examines the following aspects – why women’s 
studies, critiques of disciplines:new alternatives, selection of 
source materials, curriculum reviews, incorporation of 
research findings and methods of teaching and evaluation.
Bombay: Clarity Publications (Rs. 10.00 $2.00) 

Shatrughna, Veena

Women and Health. 1984, pp. 73
This slim volume contains sample statistics and discussion 
of issues on women’s health from women’s point of view. 
Bombay: RCWS (Rs. 10.00 $2.00) 

SNDT Women’s University 

Report of the National Conference on Women’s Studies .
(April 20-24) 1981, pp. 98.
This covers the first major conference on women’s studies 
ever held in India. Attended by over 400 delegates from 
universities, voluntary organizations and political groups, 
the deliberations set the stage for the introduction of women’s 
studies in universities and formation of the Indian Association 
for Women’s Studies.
Bombay: RCWS (Rs. 10.00 $2.00)