What Feminism Means to Me. 2019. pp. 104

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Contribution to Women's Studies Series: 4

Oral History in Women's Studies Method and Use. 2018.pp.187

Mumabi:RCWS (Rs.250)

Pune: Streevani


Contribution to Women's Studies Series

Poonacha Veena
Contributions to Women’s Studies Series: 11.
Understanding Women’s Studies. 2015, (Reprint)
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Population First & RCWS
Facilitating Gender Debates in the classroom
Module 1:
Understanding Gender and Pariarchy
Gita Chadha
Module 2:
Feminist Research Methodology and Techniques as Pedagogic Tools
Veena Poonacha
Module 3:
Culture, Pop Culture and Gender

A.L. Sharada Nita Shirali

Module 4: Violence against Women Vibhuti Patel
Krishnan, Prabha
The Self Healing the Self: Narratives of Women in Paradoxical 
Healing. 2011, pp.162 
Mumbai: RCWS & Indira Gandhi National Centre for the
Arts, New Delhi (Rs. 250)
RCWS Working Paper : 5 
Gopal, Meena
Caste, Sexuality and Labour:The Troubled Connection. 
2010, pp.36 
Mumbai: RCWS (Rs.50 $5) 
Ed. Krishnaraj, Maithreyi
Motherhood in India: Glorification without empowerment.
2010, pp.359 
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Poonacha, Veena
Towards an Integrated Model of Higher Education. 2008, pp. 121 
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Poonacha, Veena
Destabilizing Structures of Inequality through the Self Help 
Group Movement. 2008, pp.152 
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RCWS Working Paper : 3 
Gopal, Meena
Gender, Ageing & Social Security. 2007, pp.50 
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RCWS Working Paper No. 4

Poonacha, Veena

Responses to Domestic Violence in Australia: Initiatives for 
Indian and Other culturally and Linguistically Diverse 
Communities (CALD). 2008, pp.37 
Mumbai : RCWS (Rs.50 $5) 
After the Ban Women Working in Dance Bars. 2006, pp.30 
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RCWS Working Paper : 2 
Poonacha, Veena
Empowerment of Women & Social Services. 2006, pp.29 
Mumbai : RCWS (Rs.50 $5) 
Background and Working Conditions of Women Working as 
Dancers in Dance Bars. 2006, pp.27 
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Poonacha, Veena
Socio- Economic Transformation in Western India. 2005, pp.112 
Mumbai : RCWS ( Rs.75 $5) 
Working Women in Mumbai Bars: Truths behind the 
controversy. 2005, pp.23 
Mumbai : RCWS / FAOW
Western Regional Consultation of the UGC Standing 
Committee for Women's Studies. 2005, pp.48 
Mumbai : RCWS (Rs. 60 $2) 
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Poonacha, Veena and Raymond, Neeta 
Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Workplace/Educational 
institutions: An Action Research project conducted in 
Veermata Jijabai Technical Institution. 2004, pp.75 
Mumbai : RCWS (65 $6)