RCWS Gender Series 

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Gender and Law Book 1.
Towards Gender Justice. Reprint 1996, pp. 88
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Gender and Law: Book 2 
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The Legal Status of Muslim Women: An Appraisal of Muslim 
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Gender and Politics Book 1. 
Gender Within the Human Rights Discourse. 1995, pp. 184
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Gender and History/Social Change Book 1. 

At the Intersection of Gender Reform and Religious Belief .

Reprint 1995, pp.150

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Kosambi, Meera
Gender and History/Social Change Book 2. 

Pandita Ramabai’s Feminist and Christian Conversions.

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Feminism in Psychology: Accelerating Paradigmatic

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RCWS Women of the World Series

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Women in Sweden: Book 1.
Gender and Ethnicity at Work. 1996, pp. 108
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Contribution to Women's Studies Series

Poonacha Veena
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Understanding Women’s Studies. 1999, pp. 176
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Readings Series

Readings on Women’s Studies Series: 8. 
Enhancing Women’s Participation in Politics Documenting 
Women’s Struggle for Electoral Representation. 2002, pp. 124
Bombay: RCWS (Rs. 65 $6)


Other Books

Poonacha Veena and Raymond Neeta
Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Workplaces/
Educational Institutions. 2002, pp. 447
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The First Women’s Studies Centre in India: 
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Directory of Organisations Working for Women in 
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