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RCWS Women of the World Series
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Bombay: RCWS (Rs. 40.00 $ 5.00)
Contribution to Women's Studies Series
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Contribution to Women’s Studies Series: 8 
Eclectic Streams in Women’s Studies: 
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Other Books
Krishnaraj Maithreyi (ed.)
Women and Violence: A Country Report. 1994.
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Two Decades of Change and Challenge. 
An Overview of RCWS Activities. 1974-94 1994 pp. 82
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Women and Culture. 1994, pp. 104
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A reader, covering extensively available analytical work and 

a theoretical exposition on the use of the concept

of gender in economics.

Delhi: Ajantha Publications (Rs.120.00) (Contact Publishers)
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Issues in Credit in the Rural Non-Farm Sector 1993. pp.38.
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The Childhood That Never Was: 
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