Seminar Abstracts for Reference Only 

Young, Kate (1981): Integration of gender issues in development studies.

Rothman, Sheila (1981): Women’s movement and public policy in the USA.

Arizpe, Lourdes (1981): Female migration in Mexico.

Datar, Chhaya (1982): Reconceptualising exploitation - towards a socialist feminist critique of Marxist theory.

Dalaya, C.K. and Ramachandran S. (1982): A brief report of the study.

Women Graduates Union (1982): Proposed amendment to the Hindu Marriage Code and Special Marriage Act: A Symposium.

Swenson, Norma (1982): Women and health issues in the USA.

Everett, Jana and Savara, Mira (1982): Bank credit to women from the lower income group: A case study in Bombay city.

Mies, Maria (1982): What is socialist feminism?

Mamova, Tatanya (1982): Women in the Soviet Union: The feminist struggle.

Dishken, Velienya (1983): Conscientization of women on health issues.

Iyer, Krishna V. (1983): Gender Justice: The law shall keep its promise.

Women Graduates Union (1983): Conditions of women undertrial prisoners: A symposium.

Forbes, Geraldine (1983): The use of photographs in reconstructing women’s history.

Varadarajan, Lotika (1983): The use of oral history methods.Some illustrations from personal experiences.

Howe, Florence and Adix, Shauna (1983): Women’s study programmes and women’s resource centres in USA.

Gore, Nirmala Shotam (1984): Three generations of Singapore-Indian women.

Wilkinson, Shelagh (1984): Myth of the romantic love.

Bandaraga, Ashoka (1984): Critique of the socialist feminist theory.

SNDT University (1984): Amniocentesis - a symposium.

Papanek, Hanna (1984): The concept of women’s family status production as a tool to understand class differentiation.

Chandra, Bipin (1984): Marx on colonialism.

RCWS (1984): Initiating a debate on Asian feminism.

Mani, Lata (1984): The production of an official discourse on sati in early 19th century Bengal.

Mair, Lucille Mathurin (1984): International women’s decade: An assessment.

Jeffery, Roger (1986): Social experience of child bearing in a UP village, North India.

RCWS (1986): An informal discussion on the Chandigarh conference.

D’cunha, Jean (1986): Second international WHORE conference held in Brussels.

Carrillo, Roxana and Bunch, Charlotte (1987): Feminist understanding of theory.

RCWS (1987): Record note of discussion on the visit of women participants from Sudan.

Krishnaraj, Maithreyi (1987): Is the feminist perspective of the West irrelevant to India?

Datar, Chhaya (1987): Women’s organizations in historical perspective, ISS/Hague.

Hochschild, Arlie Russel (1988):American feminism at crossroads - theeighties and  after.

Krishnaraj, Maithreyi (1988): Major socio-economic changes and their impact on women.

Krishnaraj, Maithreyi (1988): Is the feminist perspective of the West totally irrelevant to India? (Revised).

Krishnaraj, Maithreyi (1988): The position of women in India-retrospects and prospect (orientation programme for New York teachers).

RCWS (1988): Training for women entrepreneurs, inauguration ceremony (in Marathi).

Desai, Neera, Patel, Vibhuti and Shukla, Sonal (1988): Women’s Issues.

Kudchedkar, Shirin (1988):Integrating multiple identities and body image.

Patel Vibhuti (1989): National conference on women, religion, and family laws in India.

Riley, Maria (1989): Women and religion.

Sapre, Padmakar (1989): Trends and issues in research.

Penselin, Ulha (1989): Reproductive technology in Germany (FRG).

Sirman, Nirhet (1989): Women in Turkey.

Forbes, Geraldine (1989): Methodology in oral history for women.

Dandekar, Hemalata (1990): Women and IBRD-funded housing.

NEWSLETTER Quarterly Publication Bombay, RCWS.