Occasional Papers 

Akhter, Jahanzed (1988)

Women in unorganized sector: The Patti workers.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



Baxamusa, Ramala M.

How developmental are voluntary development organizations?

Bombay: RCWS (Rs. 5.00 $ 1.00)



Desai, Neera

A struggle for identity retention: A case study of SNDT Women’s University.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs. 5.00 $ 1.00)



Ghosh, Suneeta (1988)

Communication systems in Rajasthan.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



Kanhare, Vikram and Kanhare, Ranjana

Amiable apes and egalitarian ancestors. Our homo sapien heritage: Chapter I, taken from “Stratification” (Marathi translation).

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $1.00)



Krishnaraj, Maithreyi (1987)

New opportunities on old terms - the case of the garment industry in India.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



Krishnaraj, Maithreyi (1988)

Protection to women labour in India. Paper presented for the seminar at Tashkent.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



Krishnaraj, Maithreyi (1989)

How has women’s studies been defined?

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



Mhatre Ujjwala (1989)

Documents of Shetkari Sangathana Women’s Convention, Amravati (English translation).

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.0.00 $ 2.00)



Pande, Mrinal (1988) 

Portrayal and visibility of labouring women in the unorganized sector in popular women’s journals in Hindi.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



Patel, Vibhuti (reprint, 1990)

Emergence and proliferation of autonomous women’s organizations in India

Bombay: RCWS  (Rs. 10.00 $ 2.00)



Pathak, Illa et al (1988)

The visibility of the self-employed women in Gujarati textbooks.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



Phadke, Sandhya and Phadke, Anant

The unhappy alliance of Marxism and feminism: Towards a more progressive union by Heidi Hartman (Marathi translation).

Bombay: RCWS (Rs. 5.00 $ 1.00) 



RCWS (1988)

Report on the task force on communication network system and self- employed women.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.5.00 $ 1.00)



RCWS (1989)

Feminine myths and symbols: Report on the seminar.

Bombay: RCWS (Rs.10.00 $ 2.00)