From a concern for dissemination of information and documentation of Women’s Studies material, the RCWS, at the very outset started an information cell. This was developed into a full-fledged library and documentation wing in 1982 with the idea of making available to scholars research reports, seminar and conference papers, newspaper clippings, and unpublished material not easily available elsewhere. Abstracts and reproduction of important historical documents have also been maintained.

The library is fully automated and easily accessed by the readers.

Library Resources

The Documentation Centre houses 6520 books, 12,470 pamphlets, 90,836 newspaper clippings, 2,932 journal articles, 1,482 bound journals, 860 newsletters, 180 audio- video films, 310 posters, 274 conference papers, other unpublished material in Women’s Studies.

The Collection cover a wide range of subject matter pertaining to Women’s Studies such as:
- Feminist thought, theory and philosophy.
- Empirical studies on women in India and abroad.
- General status of women.
- Specialized studies on women’s work, health, violence, education,
   policies, religion, etc.
- Women and development issues; regional studies on S. Asia, S. E.
   Asia, Latin America.
-Women’s Rights and Empowerment

Features unique to the library:

- Policy papers of Indian Government, both national and state.
- U. N. and related agencies reports.
- International declarations.
- Programmes for women’s development of several countries.
- Special reports of UNICEF, FAO, ILO, INSTRAW, APDC, ESCAP on women’s
    organizations, women and  development issues.
- Texts of all Acts/Laws passed in India with respect to women since independence..
- Abstracts from KESARI (a Marathi Newspaper), 1881-1920.
- Abstracts from SUDHARAK (a Marathi newspaper), 1888-1905
- A substantial collection of unpublished materials such as occasional
    papers, etc.
- Photocopies of important articles appearing in national/international
    journals on a wide range of topics concerning Women’s Studies.

Besides these, there are bound copies of more than 2000 papers presented at national and international seminars and conferences.

The most frequented resource is the news clippings on a wide range of issues pertaining to women collected from periodicals and major newspapers in India.

The Documentation Centre offers a treasure house of information on the genesis of the Women’s Movement. It has regular collection of newsletters, brochures on women’s organizations, reports of action research and annual reports.

The Reference section offers handbooks, statistical data, census data, indexes, directories of women’s organization (Indian and foreign) and bibliographies.

The Women’s Studies Curriculum Section provides information on Women’s Studies courses from all over the world, including course outlines, syllabi and teaching material. This section carries reports and brochures of many national and international Women Studies Centers.

The Journal collection is a rich source for Women’s Studies scholars. It contains:
- Scholarly journals of which the majority are exclusively women’s studies journals such as Women’s Studies International Forum, Feminist Review, Feminist Studies,
 Signs, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Psychology of Women Quarterly etc.
The audio-visual collection has posters, photographs, audio and video CDs on Dowry, Women and Development, Devadasis, Discrimination etc.
The Documentation Centre offers bibliography assistance to scholars on request. It has helped many departments of various universities and colleges to evolve their teaching programmes on Women's Studies.
The Centre has initiated the compilation of various internet resources of women's Studies from the web, on a wide range of topics, and with a special focus on women's role in the economy and women's employment.